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1. D.E.B.S (2004)

A Charlie’s Angels spoof with lesbian protagonists and a pleasurable closing. What exactly is not to love?

2. Lost and Delirious (2001)

This might be an attractive and psychological coming of age film with an amazing cast.

3. But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

a humorous satirical rom-com which stars Natasha Lyonne pre Orange may be the brand-new Black. (it was additionally the most important lesbian film we actually ever saw!)

4. The Gymnast  (2006)

This movie is the fact that it says to the story of a middle aged lady and an Asian girl dropping in love, and that is fairly uncommon as most lesbian films frequently just inform the stories of youthful white women.

5. Just Imagine Me & You  (2005)

I feel similar to this may be the classic British lesbian rom-com which has a rather strange story.

6. Show Me Admiration   (1998)

A Swedish coming old crisis about a girl growing upwards in a little community infatuated because of the popular lady in school.


. Blue Could Be The Warmest Colour (2013)

For those who haven’t viewed this film currently, just what are you performing together with your existence?! do not defer of the amount of the film because it’s well worth watching.

8. I Can’t Consider Straight (2008)

This Romance between two Uk females of color supplies another type of social point of view on-coming .

9. The Youngsters Are Typical Right (2010)

A comedy crisis which informs the more uncommon story of what the results are to a lesbian few after their children’s biological daddy comes into their own everyday lives.

10. Situation (2011)

Ready for your own heart broken that crisis informs the heart-breaking story of two Iranian teens which shouldn’t be with each other considering the society their current address.


1. Damaging The Women (2013)

This crime thriller provides outstanding land with quite a few twists and converts you simply will not see coming!

12. Jenny’s Wedding Ceremony (2015)

This movie handles coming-out and a family group’s trip to acknowledging their own girl before the woman wedding, although it’s said to be a comedy i’m enjoy it is far more of a drama because most of movie handles relatively hefty themes.

13. Kissing Jessica Stein (2001)

Possibly the straightest gay film of them all, which encapsulates just what it was like to date a directly woman. Regardless of the quite challenging nature with this movie, it’s still very funny.

14. Lifetime Associates (2014)

Unlike all of those other movies on this record this relatable rom-com emphases not just throughout the challenges on the
lesbian dates world
but additionally highly targets the relationship between a lesbian along with her straight closest friend.

15. Chloe (2009)

This drama isn’t just wonderful land which keeps you on your own toes additionally movie stars the stunning Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore.

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